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SATREPS-NyMo Our “SATREPS-NyMo” is one of the projects under the SATREPS, and is entitled “Magmatic fluid supply into lakes Nyos and Monoun, and mitigation of natural disasters through capacity building in Cameroon”. The goal of the project is to mitigate natural disasters in Cameroon through capacity building, specifically for the issues related to the Lakes Nyos and Monoun gas disaster that happened in 1986 and 1984, respectively.
Operational Directions is now available. (NEW!!) ID and Password is needed to access. >> more information here
"Activities", "Fieldworks" and "Annoucement" page were uploaded. To share information among SATREPS member, "Activities", "Fieldworks" and "Annoucement" page were uploaded. Activity report in "Activity Reports" page were also moved to "Activities" page. >> "Activities" page here
>> "Fieldworks" page here
>> "Annoucement" page here
Mid-term evaluation from JICA.

We received Joint Mid-Term Review Report for our project from JICA. >> Project Design Matrix (PDM-ver3)

Operational Directions can be accessed from this page. (NEW!!)
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Mission report of Nov., 2015 field work at Lakes Nyos and Monoun was uploaded.
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Last circular of the CVL-9 was uploaded.
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Cameroon trainees’s activity report, April 2013 (in Japanese) was uploaded.
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Latest version of Project Design Matrix was uploaded.

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